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Alcohits of the Stirka are the beer cocktails Kirschbier, Bananabier and Alsterwasser. Also a bunch of different Karelian shots is very popular among the regulars.

Part-bar, part-launderette, Stirka 40° is an artistic haven located just steps away from St. Petersburg city center. Loved by the local art and student crowd, as well as the expat community, this underground bar embodies the city's relaxed signature bohemian spirit.
Countless bands, including Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Franz Ferdinand have parked their bandwagons at our door – to wash their sweat-soaked clothes after a sellout show and grab a drink. Oh, and don't even get us started on the night when British trip-hopper Tricky downed about a dozen Bloody Boyarsky cocktails. Stirka's doors are open to anyone who's nice and friendly during our working hours.

Mom, I'm not drunk!

An adventure time set:
choose a set of 4 shots for an evening adventure

Banana beer

A wonderful lager beer with banana juice: delicious and smells perfect

Mulled wine

Cobain drunk our mulled wine.

Wine, cinnamon, fruit, sugar and secret spices.

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